Best Dog Parks Near Cottage Grove, MN


If you and your dog love to go to the dog park, you might be looking for new and exciting parks to visit. The Cottage Grove, MN area, offers you and your canine friend access to a variety of different and unique dog park options.

If you have wanted to branch out and try some new areas of the city, or you have just gotten a dog and are learning about your options, this guide will help you to make the most of the time that you spend with your dog in the outdoors.

There are both on-leash and off-leash dog parks in Cottage Grove, and you can take dogs of all sizes and breeds to all of these locations. If you are ready to learn some more about the best dog parks near Cottage Grove, MN, you need to read on.

best dog parks near cottage grove, MN

5 Dog Parks Near Cottage Grove, MN Include:


1. WAG Farms Dog Park

This is a great choice if you want access to a lot of room for you and your dog to have fun. This is a 14-acre park that offers a smaller and fenced area just for small dogs. You will also enjoy access to grasslands, wooded areas, and even a pond. The park is open weekdays from sunrise to sunset and is volunteer-run.

This park welcomes donations because they take on the task of running this park on a volunteer basis without outside funding. All dogs that visit must be licensed, but the park is fully enclosed, so leashes are optional. This is a friendly dog park that is well-maintained and offers clear rules so that everyone will be clear about the requirements for visiting and having fun here.

2. Battle Creek Dog Park

For access to lots of walking trails as well as a dog park, you will want to head here. This is a really nice outdoor experience where friendly people bring well-behaved dogs. You will be able to let your dog off-leash here, but you should be aware that this is a large area that will have lots of other dogs off-leash as well. If your dog is at all anti-social, you should keep them on a leash when you are enjoying the park here.

There is some water here, but it can get a little brackish, which is not that enjoyable. You might want to keep your dog away from the water and stick to the trails and the open spaces. This is a good place to exercise a high-energy dog and take advantage of all of the usable space that you might not get access to in other locations in the area.

3. Andy’s Bark Park

This is another really nice off-leash park and one that is located in Woodbury. You will enjoy access to mowed spaces that are great for playing with high-energy dogs, and there is also a portable restroom here. There is a shelter and picnic tables, and a pet watering station. You can let your dog off-leash here, which is a nice perk, and you will find that there are more large dogs here usually than small dogs.

This area has been known for coyotes showing up to check out the dogs, so be aware of this as well if you bring small dogs here. This is really a dog park that is made for big dogs, and you will have more fun here with a larger dog than you will with a small breed.

4. Dog Park at Perry Park

Perry Park Dog Park is a converted baseball field space. This is a well-manicured and comfortably-sized park that offers you access to a doggie clean-up and water station and a strong and sturdy fence. It can get a little muddy here after a rainstorm, but other than that, this is the perfect park for dogs of all sizes and breeds. Many people feel comfortable bringing their small dogs here because of the size of the space and the sturdy fence.

5. High Bridge Dog Park

This location is 7 acres in size, and it is an area that was reclaimed from a power plant. This spot is near the river, so it can get a little muddy sometimes, but you will usually have a good time here. This is a well-managed park that is great for dogs big and small. There are lots of shade trees here as well, and you will love that the park is not that busy most days. This is a great choice for a casual dog park visit that you and your dog will love.

This location can be hard to find, so make sure that you allow a little extra time the first time you visit. The parking lot could be bigger as well. This park also is not very user-friendly late in the day due to its position up against a large bridge. This is a nice park, but it is best to visit this spot during the earlier part of the day.


If you have been excited about taking your dog to a dog park and having a lot of fun with them, there are so many great options to choose from. You and your dog can enjoy large and small parks in this area, and all of them will be well-manicured and clean. Playing with your dog off-leash is simple in almost all of these parks, and there are choices that also offer you access to a smaller dog area as well.

The dog park is a really great place for your pet to blow off some steam and have fun. A dog park is a great place for you and your pet to bond, have fun and make new friends. Whether you choose to walk on the trails, play with your dog with a ball or frisbee, or take them to walk on a leash, you can have a great time at these parks.

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