Spay and Neuter for Dogs and Cats in Cottage Grove, MN

Spay and Neuter for Dogs and Cats in Cottage Grove, MN

Spay and neuter surgeries for dogs and cats in Cottage Grove, MN do a lot of good for pets—both individually and in the greater pet community. Surgery helps decrease the rate of serious cancers of your pet’s reproductive organs and it helps to prevent pet overpopulation, too, by decreasing the rate of unwanted pregnancies. With fewer pets going to shelters, current shelter pets can find their forever homes. Call us at (651)-459-9663 to schedule a visit today.


Debunking Spay and Neuter Myths

Spay and neuter surgeries are incredibly beneficial for our pets, but there’s still some doubt out there. To ease your mind, we’re debunking spay/neuter myths with the facts!

Spay and Neuter for Cats in Cottage Grove, MN
Spay and Neuter for Dogs in Cottage Grove, MN

Benefits of Neutering Your Pet in Cottage Grove MN

Spays and neuters offer pets substantial health and behavioral benefits. These include:

  • Neutered dogs and cats are less likely to practice urine-spraying or mounting behaviors.
  • Spayed dogs and cats will no longer go into heat.
  • Neutered males and spayed females are less likely to roam to find a mate, a behavior that often puts them in harm’s way.
  • Spayed females have a significantly reduced risk of mammary gland tumors and their risk of pyometra (a serious uterine infection) and uterine and ovarian cancers is eliminated.
  • Neutered cats and dogs are less likely to have prostate problems and their risk of testicular cancer is eliminated.

When Should My Pet Be Spayed/Neutered?

Typically, we recommend a spay or neuter surgery at about 6 months of age. However, large breed dogs sometimes benefit from a later surgery at 12 months or more because their reproductive hormones play an important role in regulating their bone growth and density. When you schedule your appointment with your new pet, we’ll discuss their options so we can find the best time for their surgery. Call us at 651-459-9663 to schedule a spay or neuter appointment today.