Dog and Cat Vaccinations In Cottage Grove, MN

Cat and Dog Vaccinations in Cottage Grove, MN

Dog and cat vaccinations keep your companion protected against some of the most dangerous diseases they could face in Cottage Grove. By vaccinating your pet, you help protect the greater pet community of Cottage Grove and our surrounding areas because the more pets are vaccinated, the less prevalent these diseases are. At Park Grove Pet Hospital, we offer the safest, most effective protocols for cats and dogs. Call us today at (651)-459-9663 to get started.

Protect Your Pet's Well-Being with Routine Vaccinations!

How We Determine Your Pet’s Vaccination Protocol

We evaluate each patient based on their age, health, and level of risk. Their level of risk for certain diseases depends heavily on their lifestyle. We take time to discuss your pet’s lifestyle thoroughly before developing their vaccine protocol. Dogs and cats who are outdoors frequently will require a different vaccination protocol than pets who are homebodies. Additionally, we’ll adjust their vaccinations as they age to meet any changing needs.

Dog and Cat Vaccinations We Provide in Cottage Grove MN

At Park Grove Pet Hospital, we offer the most advanced and safest vaccines available for your cats and dogs. Puppies and kittens will begin with a series of vaccines during their first year and adults will need regular boosters throughout their lives. Here, we’ve included a list of vaccinations for dogs and cats:

Cat Vaccinations In Cottage Grove, MN

A Balanced Approach to Pet Vaccines

When designing your pet's vaccination protocol, we'll take their lifestyle into account so they get the right vaccines they need to keep them well. If you have any questions about your pet’s vaccination schedule, please let us know, and we’ll be happy to help. Call us at (651)-459-9663 to get started.