Wellness Exams for Pets Cottage Grove, MN

Pet Wellness Exams & Prevention in Cottage Grove, MN

At Park Grove Pet Hospital, we strongly encourage every pet parent to practice preventative care for their pets with routine vet visits. Yet, we know that vet visits can be stressful, which is why we practice Fear Free handling for each one of our patients that helps them feel as comfortable as possible. Without pet wellness care, problems can develop as your pet ages and underlying diseases can go undetected until they are far more advanced. Help your pet achieve lasting health and well-being with regular preventative care! Call us today at (651) 459-9663 to learn more.

Give your pet as many good years as possible with preventative care in Cottage Grove MN!

Making a Personalized Pet Plan for Wellness

Unique to our hospital is our approach to your pet’s wellness care. We believe every pet deserves their own personal brand of veterinary medicine that best meets their needs. At Park Grove Pet Hospital, we offer wellness plans that help you save without compromising an ounce of your pet’s care. Ask us about our wellness plans at your next visit!

Vet performing Wellness Exams for Pets Cottage Grove, MN

Our Pet Wellness Visits

We recommend pets visit us on an annual basis as adolescents and adults and on a semiannual basis as seniors. This gives us the best opportunity to stay on top of your pet’s changing health as they age and ensure they receive the appropriate care to keep them healthy for longer. Regular wellness visits will change based on your pet’s unique needs and their age. Here’s what a wellness visit may include:

  • Nose-to-tail physical exam
  • Weight check and body condition score
  • Fecal exam (to check for intestinal parasites)
  • Deworming (for puppies and kittens, if needed)
  • Vaccinations (if due)
  • Parasite prevention prescription
  • Nutritional counseling (if needed)
  • Age-appropriate blood work
  • 4Dx testing (for heartworm and tick-borne illnesses, dogs only)
  • Serum chemistry profile (seniors)
  • Thyroid hormone level (seniors)
  • Urinalysis (seniors)

Dog and Cat Nutrition for Countering Obesity & Heart Disease in Cottage Grove

Proper nutrition is an essential part of your pet’s long-term health. Pet obesity is a pervasive problem that reduces your pet’s quality and quantity of life. Often, older pets are the ones who become obese because their diets are not changed as they age. Over the years, your pet’s nutritional needs evolve, so no one diet will work for their entire lives! When choosing your pet’s diet, grain-free options are a popular choice. However, there is strong evidence suggesting a connection between grain-free diets and heart disease, so we caution against these diets. Grains offer pets a unique source of nutrition that meat ingredients simply cannot provide.

Wellness Exams for cats Cottage Grove, MN

Our veterinarians can recommend the best diets for your pet depending on their age, health, and breed. If your pet is overweight, we can also suggest an exercise regime to help manage those excess pounds. If you have any questions about grain-free diets or your pet’s nutritional needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 651-459-9663.