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House Calls

At Park Grove Pet Hospital, we believe that excellent veterinary care shouldn’t be limited to inside our walls. That’s why we’re committed to bringing mobile vet care to you in Cottage Grove, MN. Whether your pet can’t be easily moved, is too anxious for the vet, or if you have mobility limitations, we’re more than happy to come to you. Additionally, we are also able to serve the pets in our community’s senior care facilities!

Our Services

While we can’t bring the whole hospital to you, there’s still quite a bit we can do at a pet house call! Here is a list of some of the services we can perform:

Preparing For A Vet House Call

When you call to set up your house call appointment, please be sure to let us know all of the services your pet will need at their appointment. This helps us to know what equipment and supplies we need to bring. Additionally, make sure you have a clutter-free, quiet room in the house for our examination of your pet. If you have other pets who are not being examined, please put them in a room of their own so they cannot distract the pet we need to see.

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