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Puppy & Kitten Care

Appropriate health care gives your puppy or kitten a healthy start in life, initiating a pattern of preventive care that will last a lifetime. Park Grove Pet Hospital has developed the finest in puppy and kitten protocols designed to help your newest animal companions develop into healthy, happy, and active adult pets.

Veterinary Care for Puppies & Kittens

Every year, dogs and cats age the equivalent of 3-10 human years, depending on age, breed, and lifestyle. For good health, our adult pet patients receive a full physical examination every year until 7 years of age. Until reaching the adult stage, however, puppies and kittens face numerous health challenges that require diligence and specialized care.

Your young pet is carefully examined by our veterinarian several times during the first year of life, to initiate preventive protocols and identify any problems that may impede proper development and overall health. This schedule of care begins around 8 weeks of age, and reflects Park Grove Pet Hospital’s current wellness recommendations for our youngest canine and feline companions.

Wellness Exams & More

We provide complete care for puppies and kittens, with wellness and veterinary services including:

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